Jan, 2019 By Asma Elferkhsi

With technological innovation, we find nowadays, that the use of digital means covers all areas including... lire la suite

L’ERP mobile

Feb, 2019 By Asma Elferkhsi

Today, communication and mobility are two main factors that govern the software space. Mobility affects the way.... lire la suite

Big Data & ERP

Aug, 2019 By Asma Elferkhsi

Currently, the large mass of digital data has forced researchers to find new solutions to manage them, this problem... lire la suite

Intelligence Artificielle & ERP

Sep, 2019 By Asma Elferkhsi

Artificial intelligence technology has been around since the 1960s and continues to evolve, from science fiction to... lire la suite

Enterprise Resource Planning

Oct, 2019 By Asma Elferkhsi

ERP is the abbreviation of "Enterprise Resource Planning", it is a software that allows you to manage the processes... lire la suite


Aug, 2019 By Asma Elferkhsi

DevOps is an approach that aims to automate processes between development teams and systems operating teams... lire la suite


Nov, 2019 By Imed Chaabouni

The blockchain is undoubtedly what we can call a Buzzword in the world of technologies. All sectors are beginning to... lire la suite

Business Intelligence

Nov, 2019 By Imed Chaabouni

You may have heard the term of Business Intelligence or BI, but what does that really mean ? lire la suite