Mobile ERP

Today, communication and mobility are two main factors that govern the software space. Mobility affects the way companies conduct their day-to-day operations. They are always looking to exploit new technological means such as mobile tools, being an extension of their ERP systems.

Growing importance of mobile ERP
With mobile ERP or MERP for " Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning", users can use their system via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets instead of a desktop computer. They can easily via their mobile devices create, view and share business information at any time.

In this form, the MERP allows a great flexibility of work to all the collaborators, it remains accessible outside the place of work. This makes mobile information by definition, and allows employees to better serve the customer because it is immediately possible to respond to all types of requests and thus reduce delays and increase productivity.

For example, ERP allows supply chain and production departments to better manage supply and production cycles. So, it is possible to configure alerts to prevent potential problems. These alerts are displayed directly on mobile devices via mobile ERPs, allowing managers to view and manage unexpected events, even if they are not on site. This saves time and improves productivity thanks to greater responsiveness.

ERP solutions for the Cloud
Cloud development has created a significant need for mobility. The data must be available today at any time and any place. Indeed, this is a trend that has been progressing for several years now, more and more suppliers of ERP systems offer this year solutions for the cloud in addition to traditional on-premises solutions (whose software is hosted on the server of your company).

Some ERPs have even evolved according to the SaaS "Software as a Service" model. It's a fairly new concept that allows businesses to subscribe to remote software instead of acquiring it and allowing you to pay only for your use.

How to choose a MERP?
However, not all MERP applications come together, each is developed in a different way and each has its own independent features.
An ideal mobile ERP tool should be able to streamline communication for improved working collaboration and increased productivity. MERP applications have simplified the long and tiring implementation process. They have added an extra layer of flexibility to existing ERP implementations, making the process faster and more cost effective.

Mobile ERP applications are the future
Several organizations today are moving towards the mobile platform.
Mobile ERP applications are a driver of innovation and have become a cornerstone of any organization with a mobile workforce.