Staffing Odoo Developers

Outsource your projects to us by hiring our experienced programmers.


With ever increasing business demands, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to get into screening hundreds of applicants and selecting the best out of them. Campion-Tech offers highly Professional and Committed Odoo Developers to manage your Business on all levels to deliver a high-quality result within the set Deadline.

How it Works?

  • Campion-Tech is a company that has a team of experienced odoo developers. We provide dedicated Developers to work as your Staff and help you deliver services to your clients.
  • We sponsor costs of any relevant software and equipment.
  • Each developer always works with the same client.
  • As a client you can:
    • Benefit from 20 hours of service as a free trial without any obligations.
    • Work with one or more developers.
    • Give the developer access to a platform (odoo, Redmine, ...) on which he can see the tasks he has to solve and put his "timesheet".
    • If you want the developer to respond directly to your customer's message, but you do not want your customer's to see a different domain name than your company, then you can assign the developer an email ending in your domain name (
    • Cancel at any time if you are not satisfied because we do not apply any contract obligations.
Odoo CMS- Sample image floating
Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

What you get?

  • Odoo developer service:
    • Experienced and highly skilled.
    • Graduated with a degree in computer engineering.
    • Work 5 day per week, 160 hours a month.
    • You can contact him by [Skype, Hangouts, Slack, ...].
    • Available on your business hours.
    • Excellent communication skills in French and English.
  • Our experienced team leader (former odoo developer) supports your developers for free, to deliver within the set deadline.
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Advantages !

  • Very reasonable service price.
  • Decrease the lead time it takes for your product to reach your clients.
  • No equipment, software, office space or overhead costs.
  • No need to invest in recruiting and training expensive resources for your business.

Data Security

Sign an NDA for 100% Data Security.

Hide the confidential content of databases:
In most projects, IT companies give developers access to a test environment that contains a copy of their customer's database. In case you need to give your developer access to a database, but you prefer that some data remains invisible for your developer, Campion-Tech provides   (These SQL scripts)which you can run on the target database to hide the confidential part of its contents.
Example: After executing the script  (secure-odoo-12-entreprise-edition.sql) , the emails of the customers will be edited.



In the same way (These SQL scripts) edit any other contents of the database (phone, bank account , password, names, ....). So, you can download, edit and execute it depending on what you want to hide. In this way you can provide your developer with a test environment that is as close as possible to the production environment of your end customer, while preserving the confidentiality of your data.

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